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Monday, April 1, 2013

Headline of the Month

"Despite a reputation for social liberalism, California scores badly on personal freedoms."
That "despite" is priceless.  


  1. Perhaps "despite" needs to become a meme like Instapundit's popularization of "unexpectedly".

    I'll keep my eyes open for "despite" in NYT headlines ; I'm sure I'll see a few.

  2. I loved one criticism of the study: it complained that it treated laws against home schooling as against freedom, when, of course, they were attacks on the automony of the child.

    Yeah. My autonomy would have been no school at all.

  3. Here's one for today:

    Despite recent high-profile shootings, Americans are holding onto their guns tighter than ever.

    From a US News & World Report photo caption.


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