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Friday, April 26, 2013

Headline of the Week

"Complex being built to last"  -- Express-Times 25 April 2013

My first thought on spotting this headline was that complex beings generally don't last as long as simpler ones because there are more things that can go wrong.  The longest-lasting being is likely to be one that is radically simple, not a compound nor composed of parts.

But then reading further it transpired that "complex" was a noun not an adjective, and "being" was a participle not a noun; and it referred to the construction of a hockey arena.*

Go figure. 

(*) Hockey arena.  A local billboard taken out by a dental practice proclaimed their support for the facility. 


  1. The creepy thing is that it's going to be called the Oedipus Hockey Arena. Opening on Mother's Day!

  2. What struck me about it, is the implication that there's a legitimate alternative in the construction market: Complex being built NOT to last?
    - Codgitator


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