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Thursday, March 13, 2014

TOF at Lunacon

TOF is "special guest" at Lunacon this weekend.  If you're near the RyeTown Hilton, here is his schedule AFAIK
  1. Fri 4:00 PM     Character Building     Bartell     Your clever plot twist or interesting theme will mean nothing if readers don't care about your characters. The panelists will discuss techniques to use to make sure your characters are memorable and that the story is about them.
  2. Fri 10:00 PM  Rules! Rules????? There are no Rules!     William Odelle     When writing fiction, if it works, it works. Our panel debates whether authors need to know "rules" that they can then break if they are good enough, or if this only constrains creativity.
  3. Sat 11:30 AM     Reading: Michael Flynn     Elijah Budd 
  4. Sat 2:00 PM     Alternate History That Isn't About War     William Odelle   Can't we imagine alternate history about something other than the outcomes of battles. Think of how history might have changed if certain IDEAS had formed differently or come at different times.
  5. Sat 3:00 PM     Magic and Religion     Westchester Ballroom A2   How do Magic and Religion intertwine?
  6. Sat 4:00 PM     Autographing: Michael Flynn     Westchester Assembly       
  7. Sun 1:00 PM  The Great Ptolemaic Smackdown     Westchester Ballroom B     How the heliocentric world replaced the geocentric one against all evidence and common sense.

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