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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We Can Only Hope The Prom Theme Was Meant Ironically


  1. Especially the address.

  2. If you read stuff written by teachers - not students, the people who are supposed to be teaching them - this sort of thing is not surprising at all. Why care about usage if you don't care about communicating in general?

  3. Maybe the Prom Theme is, indeed, indicated by the word 'Are' - the Theme is "Ontology of a Multiverse."


  4. It's like an unresolved chord. I want to insert punctuation, however inappropriate it may be: "This is/are story."

  5. Gentlemen, you've got it all wrong.

    Clearly, it's a pirate-themed prom, the 'e' in 'Arr' is just a simple typo.

  6. If I wrote this into a news story, my headline would be "This is A(real) Story"

    But what I really suspect is the case is that we are taking high school to mean the wrong thing: it's where you learn how to get high, not where you learn anything else... (what could be more important?) ;-)


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