A beautifully told story with colorful characters out of epic tradition, a tight and complex plot, and solid pacing. -- Booklist, starred review of On the Razor's Edge

Great writing, vivid scenarios, and thoughtful commentary ... the stories will linger after the last page is turned. -- Publisher's Weekly, on Captive Dreams

Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Review: Wreck of the River of Stars

Joseph Moore at Yard Sale of the Mind has posted a review of The Wreck of 'The River of Stars'. He thinks it's pretty good.

All the characters are loveable in some way, even those who seem harsh or cruel. Each has strengths and weaknesses, and many hold grudges or other hurts. These are revealed over time and become factors in the ultimate fate of the ship and its crew. Moments of great beauty and heroism, of the least likely coming through big, of tragic loss – it’s a modern Greek tragedy.

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  1. The reviewer's thoughts are elevated and correct. This is one of my favorites of your tales, and I found all the characters worth caring about.


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