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Friday, May 8, 2015

A Book Review

Joseph Moore, who sometimes comments here, has put up a review of our 1996 novel Firestar. It is a favorable, even gushing review. Perhaps he goes too far, but I for one will not tell him he is wrong. Those Faithful Readers who have previously read said book may wish to reread it, perhaps even purchase a fresh copy to replace the old worn-out ones. (They are worn-out, aren't they, folks?) By coincidence, we received today also a check for royalties from the aforesaid book in its Blackstone Audio incarnation. The gift indeed that keeps on giving.

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  1. In a possibly-not-coincidental coincidence, I recently purchased and enjoyed said book in said format and enjoyed it quite a bit. I am now reading/listening my way through Rogue Star and thence onward.

    I read River of Stars previously without knowing it was set in the same universe, and it's definitely interesting to find out the origin of certain things (like Hobartium) after being familiar with them already.


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