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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


TOF's eager reader,
eagerly reading
Spent much of today working on what is shaping up to a novelette. Up to 6800 words so far, but not all of them are of equal quality. Trying to apply the dictum: First, get it written; then get it right.

Have finished parts I-III: Loberta Shinbro, Stacey Papadopolous, and Lt. Col. Bruno Zendahl, USAF. In Part I Shinbro saw Stacey on the TV, discovered his time machine being fiddled with by local criminals, and has a close encounter with Jim-7. In Part II, Stacey notices Janet Murchison at a distance, then encounters Shinbro. In Part III, Zendahl stops by the Seladar League in Philadelphia and is asked by the council to review surveillance video in which Jim-7 appears. In the course of this, he notices Shinbro briefly at the edge of the frame. He also calls Annie Troy to ask for information on possible orbital shenanigans.

Just why Shinbro was getting drunk is revealed in Part I, but not the cause of the cause, as it were. Why Jim-7 was in the electronics warehouse will be learned in Part IV. Stacey, Bruno, and Annie have similar -- and more passive -- motives, so I think Janet may hold the key. However, I will not know until I get there.

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