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Monday, September 21, 2015

This cracked me up

when I saw it on David Warren's blog. He wrote:
I know a lady who, while working in “public affairs” on behalf of a large, soulless, multinational corporation, did something clever. The eco types were planning a big demonstration for the extensive car park in front of the building where the shareholders would be meeting. Learning of this, she sent her office staff to rent all the bullhorns from all the Rent-a-Bullhorn shops for a hundred miles around. This made for a fairly silent demonstration.
A brilliant girl, she also cordoned the shareholders with an all-female security detail, so that when the thugs from Greenpeace came to push their way in, they could all begin crying, “I’m a woman and you’re hurting me!” This mantra was sustained for the duration of the encounter — leaving the frustrated CBC film crew with no footage whatever that could be used for the usual leftist propaganda purposes on the evening news.
So that by end of day the score was: Corporate Scum 2, Commie Scum 0.
TOF does not care which side of whatever fence you are on. That was funny. Especially, the all-female security staff and their jujitsu defensive tactics.

A similar, though more fraught incident in mob control occurred in Amman, in Jordan, years ago when the Palestinians made their bid to take over the country. They gathered in the main square and began the usual anti-Hashemite chants. The mob got riled up and some in the crowd began shouting "On to the Palace! On to the Palace!" Now yer talkin. The crowd set off chanting, waving flags, and the "On to the Palace!"folks led them down a broad avenue to a wall where the gates hung open. With a cheer, they rushed inside.

It was the main Jordanian prison. The gates slammed shut.

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