Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy Birthday to the Burrito!

Though he is far away in body, he is close in spirit.
Shown here in Alaska, proving he is not yet over-the-hill like his aged and decrepit father. (They have prodigious big hills in Alaska.)  Many happy returns, beloved offspring.

Here he is channeling Jean-Luc Picard:

And paying tribute to the actor.

And tomorrow, a birthday I dearly wish I was celebrating:
For three days, he could brag that he was the same age as TOF. Then TOF would pull ahead for another year.

TOF holding his ankles so he does not tip over from the weight of his brain. Either that, or he is about to eat his shoe.

Then of course comes Baby Jesus, who will be 2,015 years old this year, more or less.

And then a few days later, bro Sean.
Bro Sean is rear, left

December was always a festive month at Castle Flynn.


  1. Happy birthday to all! What a happy coincidence to share a birthday with our pope.

  2. great pictures and how true especially dennis harry Flynn
    jim singley


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