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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The view from TOF's front door

Snow Job
by TOF

Snow so white,  snow so white
All this morning you greet me
Heaps of white deep and bright
I am not happy to meet thee
Vista of snow may you loom and grow
Loom and grow away from here
Soft and white, quite a sight
Better on postcard than near, t'me. 
h/t Rogers and Hammerstein

The bishop has released everyone from tomorrow's Sunday obligation.


  1. Not that deep here, but still -- I have stayed safely inside today.

  2. What kind of wusses does your bishop think you are? If you can't endure a little snow, how will you handle the persecutions when they come?

  3. St. Alphonsus' book on canon law says that we can be let off the obligation to attend Mass if there is moderate danger to one's own body or soul, or to that of others; or if there is some other moderately grave problem with going.

    He also said that if you live more than 15 minutes' donkey ride from church, that was onerous enough that the pastor can let you not attend.


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