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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How Deeply Does a Dhimmi Bow?

Eva Brunne, the Bishop of Stockholm for the government-controlled Church of Sweden, has called for the removal of the crosses from the cupolas of the Seamen's Church in Stockholm and the addition of markers to show the direction of Mecca in order to make the Church more attractive for muslims.

It does not seem to have occurred to the Bischöfin that muslims might find a lesbian bishop rather less attractive than a cross, so she stops short of calling for her own removal. There are some things that even in the Twilight of the Modern Age are still held more sacred than the desire to abase oneself.

The Director of the Seemen's Church is disinclined to comply on the wacky grounds that he is running a Christian church.


  1. Good on the director for having some guts.

    "Church of [Nation]" always implies to me that they worship their government, or perhaps the Volk.

    1. Me too. That was a factor in my conversion to Catholicism.

  2. Guess why I left the Swedish state Church .... (back when it still was one).


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