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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Advice of the Day

Today's advice:
Never try to spray a wasp while standing on an elliptical machine. It will throw you for a loop.

Then you can fall against the treadmill and break your humerus bone just below the right shoulder. This is the first bone TOF has ever broke in his life, so he can scratch that off his bucket list.

Hard to type left handed and doped to the eyebrows. Tomorrow -back to get it set or cast or whatever It hurts worse than a punch at a Donald Trump rally.

TOF knows it was the humerus bone, but he found nothing funny in it. and it's just below the right shoulder, but it strikes him as very wrong.


  1. I said a prayer that you heal quickly. May God speed you on your recovery!

  2. The pronoun, 'It', in the second sentence is ambiguous.


    2. Great, now it (I.e. the pronoun "It" to which I referred above) is trebly ambiguous (tribiguous?). It could refer to the wasp or to the machine, or just be the dummy.

  3. Wikipedia article on Elliptical trainer contains no such warning.

  4. This is the first bone TOF has ever broke in his life, so he can scratch that off his bucket list.

    Well, I suppose it was bound to happen. We must not forget that incident with the dastardly sidewalk, which came close to doing the same. Alas, the dastardly elliptical machine did what the sidewalk could not. (Are the sidewalk and elliptical machine in cahoots perhaps? It makes one wonder...)

    Get well soon.

  5. It may not have been funny to you, but your description of it sure was funny to me. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  6. I suppose this means that we have to wait even longer for the next episode of "Deus vult!"?

  7. This is going to sound stupid, but it helped me when I broke my arm, and there has now been a study that favors it....

    Drink whey protein shakes, or stir whey protein into other stuff. The extra calcium helps, and the extra protein helps rebuild bone as well as muscle. The study seems to show that the whey works better than milk or other dairy products, although obviously they're all good. (Assuming you're not allergic to whey or dairy, etc.)

    The only downside is that the extra calories might fatten you up a bit, so you might want to ease up a tad toward the end of your boneknitting period.

    Also, pay attention when you're feeling cranky for "no reason," because sometimes that means it's time for another pain pill and your body is letting you know before the pain actually hits.

  8. Sorry to hear, TOF. Not funny, but really was the humerus, eh? Prayers for a speedy and good recovery.

  9. Sorry to hear, TOF. Not funny, but really was the humerus, eh? Prayers for a speedy and good recovery.

  10. I wish you all the best in your recovery. That sounds awful in all kinds of ways. On a happier note, I just received the new Analog with your name on top and two big contributions inside.

  11. *sympathy* Your first-ever-broken-bone is more epic than mine-- I knocked an (empty) baby bouncer off of a table and caught it with a foot-bone-- but that isn't likely to be much reassurance.


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