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Monday, February 1, 2010

This is Important

If you go to buy UP JIM RIVER on Amazon, you will find this:
together with a link to "tell the publisher I'd like to read this book on Kindle"

Apparently, Macmillian, of which Tor is a part, has balked at the $9.99 price for Kindle books, that it is not enough to recoup the costs of buying the rights from the authors, editing, and publishing it.  In retaliation, Amazon has pulled all it's "buy" buttons from all Macmillan books.  All of them.  Nancy Kress' new book is out in the cold, and Amazon is hinting that UP JIM RIVER may not be available until November.  A misdirection: the book will be published in April as a really truly *book*.  Amazon apparently thinks that if you can't get it through their proprietary Kindle, then you don't deserve to have it in any form; and the helpful link is to get you to put pressure on the publisher.  Is Amazon getting too big?  Should the government break it up?  Meanwhile, you can get it on Barnes and Noble:

Meanwhile, I have changed all the links in the book covers to the left to B&N.


After a weekend snit, Amazon has thrown in the towel. 

Charlie Stross' Diary:
Go down to "

Scott Westerfeld here:

John Scalzi here:

All of whom aI like one of Mr. Westerfeld's comments: Amazon, if you are going to blacklist an entire publisher (one-sixth of all US books) don't pick the one that  published the vast majority of SF books, because they will blog you dead.  

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