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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Clearing Out My Tab at the Bar

There are a series of mini-posts on some tabs I had been saving on the primary site: Mike Flynn's Journal

The difference, I suppose, between running a tab at the bar and running tabs across the bar. 

1. Cosmic Rays, cloud cover, and global albedo: A connection with Earth's temperature? 
2. Aristotle's Revenge: Elusive Dark Matter hiding on Earth? Aristotle's fifth element: the aether. 
3. If Only He Had Been a Better Artist An early female nude by... Hitler?
4. Galileo, Scientist.  But he ignored his own data???
5. Tests of Significance. The Odds are You're Wrong.  No one understands significance level, even scientists. 
6. The Continued Infantilization of a Once Self-Reliant People, in which it is learned that power saws can cut off fingers
7. Word of the Day
8. The Opposite of Sloth, including Quote of the Day, Today's mini-essay, following Chastek on Sloth, rust, and the pursuit of happiness. 
9. Creating a Sensation  in which the estimable Chastek distinguishes between the sensation of hearing and the vibration of the ear.,

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