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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Freddies

Since 2003, the high schools in the Lehigh Valley have a peculiar custom.  Every year the high school plays are evaluated and awards are given for various achievements.  The Freddy Awards, named for the ghost that haunts the State Theater, are given out in an annual ceremony at the old vaudeville theater.  It is, apparently, unique in the nation.  At least sufficiently unique to attract a documentary film maker from LA, who filmed rehearsals at several of the schools and who also filmed the awards ceremony in 2008.  Much film editing followed and the documentary is soon to be released. 

Info on the documentary can be found here:
The trailer is here:

Nice to see some recognition of the performing arts.  Alas, there was no such award when I trod the boards as Mayor Shinn in The Music Man back in the year mumblemumble.  In a peculiarity, the role of Mayor Shinn was also played by my uncle in a community player production.  In that, my brother Dennis played Winthrop.  For my high school play, my brother Kevin inherited the role.  It's all in the family. 

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  1. I was the Wizard in "The Wizard of Oz", and am now playing Abner Dillon in a local non-HS production of "42nd Street".


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