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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SAMBBITU Strikes Again!

Writer Extraordinaire

Noelle, who once held the title of Smartest and Most Beautiful Baby in the Universe (SAMBBITU), has once again displayed the prowess of her genetic heritage, having won second place in the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group annual short story contest with a two kiloword story entitled "A Black Crepe Hat, a Short Story on Jack the Ripper's Final Act."  The prize carries with it a cash emolument, and is the third such contest she has won.  She follows in the footsteps of her mother, who won the Andalusia prize twice, and her grandfather, who has sold a few science fiction stories here and there; as well as her great-uncle, author of two true-crime books. 

4th Annual GLVWG
Short Story Contest Winners:

1st place - Carl Wandersee (Phillipsburg High School) for his short story "The Book"
2nd place - Noelle Flynn (Easton High School)  for her short story "A Black Crepe Hat"
3rd place - Rachel Schnalzer (Southern Lehigh High School) for her short story "The Makeover"

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