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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ads You Would Be Unlikely to See Today

First, from Fox News, a couple of ads that are a hoot:

Picture phones before Jobs thought of them.  Yet, my granddaughter has a webcam on her computer and makes calls via VOIP.  Doesn't need the phone because it's built in.

Anyone having read James Blish's Cities in Flight books knows what a spindizzy was.  What a surprise to find them advertised. 

"Lightspeed smooth"?  A Dillon-Waggoner Graviton Polarity Generator?  Someone tell me Rigid Tool sold these......

But other ads may not make you laugh.  


Keep Baby buzzed with Blatz.  If Momma is always a bit stonkered, so what? 
Not sure if this was a future tech computer ad; but the second line clinches it as below-the-fold

Oh, sure she will. 

Better think twice, ladies, about buying stale flat coffee.  If you don't "store-test" the coffee before you serve it to your addict-husband, he may go berserk and beat you. 

Of course, if you're into kink, that might actually be fun.  Mutual consent a sine qua non, one thinks. 
Store-test the coffee?  What on earth is that all about?
I can't see running this, even in the 1950s

Weird thing is, the art style much resembles SF cover art from that era.  Wonder who drew that pic. 
It can only work because in that era, it would not have been taken seriously.  "I'll murder you" was actually a common expression, not always taken literally. 
Oh, dear.  Those woman drivers:

Notice BTW that ads back then generally had more WORDS in them.  More evidence of the shift from a verbal culture to a visual culture.
Although when it came to words, sometimes they did not mince them.  Apparently no one sued for mental distress back then.  A shortage of lawyers?  Perhaps they were all busy fighting genuine injustices. 

OTOH, this seems to becoming all to common these days.  A society that cannot imagine not sexing will draw the line farther and further.  They have to.  Otherwise they might cross it. 

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