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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Welches so ferne sieht

There was some question over a confusion of Wieners with Prussians.  As a public service I offer this explanation.  Even in Germany millions of people do not understand Ostdeutch, as the following PSA indicates:

Now my own personal excuse is that my Folk were Badners, who came from Oberhausen & Niederhausen in the aftermath of the '48.  Of course, not many understand Badner, either:

When you speak German, try changing your ich to i and your bist to bish.  Once when I asked the Mut if she still remembered her prayers in German - which had still been a required course in school in her time - she answered me:
Fadder onser der du bish 'n himml....

Here is the Badnerlied, though pretty much in standard.  It is the only "national" anthem with a line for "the pretty girls," in this case, of the Black Forest:

Now southwest Germany was Schwabenland and even so far as Munich they are Schwabies.  They are sort of like the country-western of Germany. 

Which you may be able to tell by their rap-musik

Or how when Swabbies dominate the galaxy far far away, they want to return home

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  1. Oh, but the Baden song has it wrong. The most beautiful place in Germany with the best people is Schwaben. It gave us the first Bundespraesident after WWII, Dr. Heuss, it has the best red wine and the landscape from the north to the south is beautiful. Thank you for the entertainment. Another Schwoab who sometimes longs to go home.


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