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Friday, June 11, 2010

Word has Reached My Ear

that Tor will be reissuing the 4-book "Firestar" series in trade paperback, starting with Firestar in August 2011. 

I must admit that it pleases me, as some of my favorite characters inhabited those books.  Scamps, scallawags, masterminds, devil-may-care, sensitive, quiet, boisterous, obnoxious, dreamers, dry-eyed practical.  Jacinta Rosario, Ned DuBois, Mariesa van Huyten, Styx, Jimmy Poole, Chase Coughlin, Hobie Hobart, Chris van Huyten, Barry Fast, Forest Calhoun. 

Hmm, but Firestar takes place in 1999, 2000, and 2010 and none of the events in it have happened.  I wonder if that might be a problem.  Should the story be updated and references to specific years muted?  But some of the references to the positions of planets and asteroids were carefully calculated to be correct for specific dates.  Hmm.  Probably no one checked anyway. 

I wonder if they would get a unified series of cover art, or whether they will go with what they had.  Actually, the Rogue Star cover strikes me as appropriate for Falling Stars.  (The cover you see for Lodestar is actually a scene out of Falling Stars.) 


If they could be interested in a Fifth Book, what would the title be?  Imagine it would be set on Phobos and Mars and (for both of you who read the original series) would involve a hunt for the asteroid movers. 

Dagnabbit!  I just thought of something I can insert In the Lion's Mouth.....

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