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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Tin Ear of the Self-Righteous

Okay.  Remember this one from last Super Bowl?

Now we have this one.  ((Warning: disturbing scenes))

It got pulled the day it went up and was replaced with a note saying Gosh, it was supposed to be funny.  But does anyone detect the faint whiff of armbands and jackboots in this trend?  Not only the Green Police, but the way that after watching children and other people murdered not even because they opposed, but because they were indifferent, to end the video with "no pressure" sounded a bit like a thuggish threat.  Even so, some voices have spoken out in support of the 1010 video!  Lighten up (they say).  And don't be a traitor to your planet.  (Or else.) 

1 comment:

  1. *ugh*

    My mom-- not the most connected person-- saw the 1010 video the day it came out. There shall be blowback.


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