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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Forest of Time

Free Story!!

Arc Manor, which has brought out my old collection, The Forest of Time and Other Stories, with some updates and enhancements, offers a story, selection or a book free as an ebook. 

They are offering the title story from the Anthology - "The Forest of Time" - as their free give-away in December.

The story is set in an independent, German-speaking Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, on the brink of war with her neighbors: New York, Wyoming Valley, the Long House, and Virginia.  The US never gelled and we have dozens of little quarrelsome principalities at about pre-WW1 level technology.  Machine guns but no airships or radio.  Into this mess steps Hernando Kelly, a cross-time traveler from our world-line, and in him Chief Scout Rudi Knecht, the Hexmajor, and Festungskommodant Vondervogel take keen interest.  Is he a spy for the yankees in Wilkes-Barre?  A madman?  Or exactly what he claims to be?

The coupon code is 9992374 and instructions and links are at our catalogue at

Feel free to publicize this as you will. 

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