Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stop the Presses!

Who Would Have Suspected?

An especially clueless atheist has discovered that a Catholic hospital endorses, well, Catholicism.

In a blog post, he whines: 
I am a strong atheist by definition, and I have a great job and love my profession except I feel completely stifled at work. I work for a private catholic hospital and they REALLY push religion down our throats as well as those that use the facility. There are pamphlets lying around everywhere about coming to christ and how the "good" lord will solve all the problems of the word-including the sick and dying patients. They broadcast a prayer twice a day and each time I hear it I simply become angry.

Another thing that has happened recently is they have begun blocking internet sites that I visit frequently eg; IIDB, as "Alternative religion/ Occult" and so on. REALLY?? They profess a freedom from religious discrimination and promote the "spiritual growth" of employees yet they block sites that are not in agreement with Christianity. I would love nothing more than to bring this as a grievance but I fear I would lose my job for some other lesser reason if I were to do so.

They leave pamphlets lying around?  Oh, the humanity!  And prayers!  OMG!  (Oops)  If this sort of thing (at Catholic hospital) makes him angry, let's not let him near any sharp instruments, let alone small arms.  And just think: his employer doesn't want him doing any personal surfing on their equipment. 

But the part that is most frightening is this one:
they REALLY push religion down our throats as well as those that use the facility.

Do they really shove the patients down their throats?  Isn't that androphagy or something? 

The solution, of course, is that he go to work at an atheist hospital, such as the Repair Shop for Meat Robots.  The he can leave brochures explaining that all life is a meaningless struggle against the darkness, and twice a day remind people that their minds do not really exist. 

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