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Monday, May 14, 2012


are in order for the Son of Flynn,(*) who has been inducted into the ΑΦΣ National Criminal Justice Honor Society, ΩΞ Chapter.

Son of Flynn is in the center with the Alaska shirt.
 To be selected for this honor, each student had to maintain a 3.2 overall cumulative GPA and 3.2 GPA in their Justice major. Alpha Phi Sigma is the only National Criminal Justice Honor Society for Criminal Justice majors. The society recognizes academic excellence of undergraduate and graduate students of criminal justice.
 He has been acclimating to Alaska, meaning mainly getting used to darkness and moose.  Here he is hiking in the wilds.  You can see he is almost as tall as the mountains behind him.

(*) To wit: Dennis Michael, son of Michael Francis, the son of Joseph Francis, the son of Francis Thomas, the son of Daniel Joseph, the son of John Thomas, the son of Martin Flynn of Loughrea, in the County Galway, descended of the O Floinns of Sil Maelruain. 


  1. Congrats to Dennis. Probably plenty of work available for criminal justice majors in any government office at any level. Good choice !

  2. Congratulations! I, too, am getting used to Alaska, having moved here three weeks ago, but at this time of year it is the long hours of daylight to which one must become accustomed. I am constantly surprised when I look at the clock in the evening, thinking it is 7pm and finding out that it is really 9pm, and still perfectly bright outside.

  3. Congratulations! Although, with this degree, it would probably be professionally imprudent to properly avenge Donnell Ó Floinn upon the great-great-great-etc. scion of Robin Lawless. Assuming such revenge is still called for - it's all a little hazy.

    1. I'm thinking we took care of that a while back. The Costellos, too.

  4. My congratulations to your son.


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