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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Don't Ya Luv It

When Brights get together?


  1. That's just special. Kind of nice of the neobarbs to self-identify like that, though.

  2. You know, there are times when I look at a protest sign, and it's so stupid that I think it must be some kind a stunt or plant. I had a similar reaction to this one from the "other side" of the political spectrum.

    Yeah, people are just stupid.

  3. Another thing: I use public transportation (I don't even own a car), and in my city, they've converted to compressed natural gas-powered buses. (Given all of the environmental concerns over how natural gas is extracted, maybe the guy in the photo would be against that too?). But they run a hell of a lot cleaner that the old diesel buses.

    That said, even if you could get a fully electric-powered bus, you'd still have the lubricants and plastics which the bus is made out of (presumably oil). Alas, we are bathed in oil.

    In any case, I think I may have found an actual oil-free bus (or as close as you're going to get to one).

    1. The entire world economy runs on -- requires -- cheap and abundant energy. Without this necessary commodity, we will die all around the world, by the billions.

      Now, that absolutely necessary cheap and abundant energy doesn't have to be petroleum. It could be nuclear ... and we all know how the "liberals" freak out over that.

      The one thing that all sane persons know is that “green” “alternative” energy sources are not, and never will be, cheap nor will ever be abundant. Most of then are actually energy sinks, rather than energy generators. The world will never run on windmills, any more than it will ever have a successful socialistic economy: you can’t generate wealth by destroying it, and you can’t generate usable energy by burning more energy to “generate” some given amount than is actually generated.

  4. I found that this post made for an amusing postscript to an article to which I'd linked in a post on my little blog.


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