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Friday, October 17, 2014

Throop's Revenge

A satire from long ago has gone up over on the story preview page.

Kelvin Throop was a character that showed up in a variety of shorts, written by several different authors over the years. Throop was a malicious creature who deliberately answered all of his inbox with pure honesty. Some of the episodes were "The Blue-Pencil Throop," "Kelvin Throop Rudes Again," "The Quality Throop," etc.


  1. On a complete tangent, you might liek this:

  2. Michael, didn't I send you this link to Mayhew's scholarly text defending Aristotle's biology after finding for you the Old Greek's citation on woman's teeth?

    It more rigorously examines my own experience in my extended clan with women not developing third-molars and losing teeth due to pregnancy.



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