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Monday, October 27, 2014

Who Sez the Know Nothings Are Dead?

h/t Mark Shea

or that the Klan is moribund? Their tudes and tactics apparently live on in what used to be the Democratic Party of Washington State. A life-long Democrat himself until driven out by anti-Catholicism, this fellow Miloscia has been attacked with unparalleled vitriol. OMG, he's been a lobbyist for the Catholic Church! that evil band of idolators. Note the button-pushes intended to appeal directly to the Triumphant Will,  bypassing the Intellect: the bishop's mitre, the references to Mississippi OMG!, the various secular obsessions with the pelvis, "health choices" as a euphemism for You Know What, and so on.

Sometimes, TOF thinks that it is the devotion to logic and reason that really outrages these emotionalists.

TOF being a certified Olde Pharte™ can remember Ancient Days, when the Democratic Party was referred to only half in jest as "the secular wing of the Catholic Church." Caesar, however, is never to be trusted when Power is on the table.

Be interesting to see if the National party stomps down hard on this local lizard and the rock it crawled out from under.


  1. Guy could've saved pixels and written "Acceptable target for bigotry and slander."

  2. Oh, and the DNA thing was a proposal to make a DNA sample with comparison to unsolved crimes for felony arrests, with the sample destroyed and entries removed if they're not convicted.

    Kind of like fingerprints are taken and compared.

    I can see arguing against it because it might cause police to make frivolous felony level arrests in DNA fishing expeditions, but it's not a "database of law-abiding citizens" and was actually a copy of a federal law, according to KOMO news.

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