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Friday, April 3, 2015

A Diamond in the TOF

In 1960, TOF played Little League baseball. It was not exactly the New York Yankees. It wasn't even the Brooklyn Dodgers of yore. It was the Rice-Ebner Post of the American Legion.
TOF sits front-and-center. His bro Dennis is on the 2nd row, right; and Danny Hommer, fellow Adventure Clubber is 3rd row, right. TOF's cousin, Jimmy Singley kneels at front row, 2nd from left.

What position did TOF play, you ask?

3rd string, right field. For those knowledgeable in matters baseballian, this does not indicate a future hall-of-famer. Only lefties hit to right field, and they are rare. Not rare enough, as it turned out.

However, TOF once pitched a perfect game, a rare accomplishment for a right fielder. It happened in this wise: the other team -- we believe it was Moose -- failed to show up. But to make it a legal forfeit, someone had to throw three strikes. The coach in his wisdom chose TOF, in order, we suppose, to make the forfeit especially galling. It took more than three pitches to get three strike. You may trust us on this, but the mission was accomplished.

Back then -- this may be hard to believe -- the idea was for the kids to have fun, not to fulfill their parents' demands to live through their children.

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  1. You were a really GOOD LOOKING KID! As for all of us over 60, those were the days...


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