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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Sometimes, things are just odd.

There is an apartment complex along the way we take to go out west of town that bears the unlikely name of "Robin Hood and His Merry Band." There are eight buildings, four on each side of the road. Each building looks to contain four apartments, two at garden level and two above. Each building bears a name on its wall: Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Little John, Alan a Dale, Will Scarlett, Fair Annette, and hmmm. Me forgeteth the last one.

To complete the oddity: the street that runs between them, connecting Freemansburg Ave. with the William Penn Highway, is called "Greenwood Ave."

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  1. There is a plat in Miamisburg, Ohio that rejoices in the following street names:

    King Richard Pkwy. Sherwood Forest Dr.
    Robinhood Dr. Merry John Dr.
    Stout Will Ct. Maid Marion Ct.
    Lion Heart Dr. Sir Lockesley Dr.
    Lord Fitzwalter Dr. Kirkley Hall Dr.
    Earl Ct. Drake Ct.
    Cudgel Dr. Longbow Ln.
    Kings Cross Ct. Lincoln Green Dr.
    Nottingham Pl. Golden Arrow Dr.
    Red Deer Ln. Stuteley Pl.
    Elwyn Pl. Lea Castle Pl.
    Sheltering Tree Dr. Crusader Dr.
    Black Forest Dr. Silver Bugle Ln.
    Arrow Sheath Dr. Black Moat Pl.
    Royal Arms Ct. Oakbark St.
    Queen Eleanor Ct. Fitzooth Dr.
    Royal Ridge Dr. Gamewell Dr.
    St. Andrews Trl. Parkwyn Dr.
    Beau View Ln. Minstrel Dr.
    Gawain Cir. Lancelot Dr.
    Tristan Ct. Valhalla Pl.


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