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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Letter to the Editor

Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact received the following letter:
I'm working my way through Nexus by Michael F. Flynn and am thoroughly enjoying the plays on words, the humor, the multiple plot lines and the excellent writing.
May I request the favor of you passing along my sincere "thanks!" and appreciation to Mr. Flynn for his work?
This story exemplifies why I subscribe to and read Analog.  It's great, entertaining reading!  And I've not yet come across a single obscene word in his piece.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
John Harcinske
Not a single obscene word? Forsooth! How the @#$%^& did I miss that?


  1. Has American fiction (mercifully) ended its dependence on the obligatory sex scene? I've noticed that John Grisham thinks the law is so exciting that he doesn't sex it up.

  2. I knew something was missing!
    Maybe you can add an Irishman who wonders what the f double-o k is going on? There's already a sex scene, so so far so good, though I've forgotten whether Jim-7 is he or she at the time.


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