A beautifully told story with colorful characters out of epic tradition, a tight and complex plot, and solid pacing. -- Booklist, starred review of On the Razor's Edge

Great writing, vivid scenarios, and thoughtful commentary ... the stories will linger after the last page is turned. -- Publisher's Weekly, on Captive Dreams

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Captive Dreams sez they have only 18 copies left in stock.  I assume that does not apply to the Kindle version.  But if you want one in your hot little hand, act soon. 


  1. Surely more are obtainable? I certainly hope so. If I were still engaged in that dreary duty, teaching philosophy, I would use this book on a course on Medical Ethics. Or whatever they call it these days.

    d.b.a. Jules Mazarin

  2. More are surely available. There is also a Kindle edition.


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