A beautifully told story with colorful characters out of epic tradition, a tight and complex plot, and solid pacing. -- Booklist, starred review of On the Razor's Edge

Great writing, vivid scenarios, and thoughtful commentary ... the stories will linger after the last page is turned. -- Publisher's Weekly, on Captive Dreams

Saturday, September 8, 2012


While cleaning out the storage locker, TOF located and retrieved several boxes of books and shlepped them home, where they now occupy the best part of two racks of shelving.  The thought occurred that these could be made available to Faithful Reader for a modest donation.  Therefore, TOF proposes the Great Housecleaning Challenge!

  • Send a check made out to Our Lady of Mercy Church in Easton PA
  • plus a separate check for postage 
  • and address for shipping your selected book, 
and TOF promises in return at least some small pittance of reading pleasure in return.

All copies will be autographed unless you prefer otherwise.  

Available books below the cut................

Our Lady of Mercy Church
OLM, as Faithful Reader knows, is in need of repair work, so you may feel free to add as much as you please to the suggested donations below. 

Donations are pegged at roughly half the retail price, rounded off to the nearest denomination.

Paperbacks: $5.00
Hardcovers: $10.00

Send your donation
c/o TOF
518 Folk St.
Easton PA 18042

Rose window, south side
Don't forget: make check payable to Our Lady of Mercy Church, not to TOF;
except, a separate check to cover postage only, made out to me, or as pre-paid postal coupons

We don't expect to raise much money this way; but would expect a great deal less from doing nothing. 

The Fine Print
Regretfully, TOF has no or few copies of some editions.  Unless there is another box in the storage locker somewhere, there are no more standard issues of Eifelheim available and only one hardcover copy of Firestar.  There are no copies of the first edition of In the Country of the Blind, nor any of The Nanotech Chronicles

Copies are first-come, first-served.  Consequently, the list contains the number of copies currently available.  This may change as time goes on.  Should the supply be exhausted (like that's going to happen) indicate whether
  • you have a second choice, 
  • you wish the donation returned, or 
  • you would see it donated to the Church regardless.
The Great List
01 In the Country of the Blind
hardcover................26 25 copies
paperback................31 30 copies
Spanish (En el Pais de los Ciegos)...4 copies
Russian (В Стране Слепых).....2 copies
Italian (La Grande Congiura)......1 copy
02  Eifelheim   
Polish..........................4 copies
Japanese.....................2 copies
French.........................2 copies
03  Fallen Angels   
hardcover..................13 copies
paperback..................10 9 copies
04  Firestar*   
hardcover....................1 copy
paperback..................19 18 copies
05  Rogue Star*   
paperback..................17 16 copies
06  Lodestar*
hardcover...................22 copies
paperback...................19 18 copies
07 Falling Stars*   
hardcover....................25 copies
paperback...................25 24 copies
08  The Forest of Time (story collection)

paperback.....................9 8 copies
(2nd ed) paperback......8 5 copies
09  The Wreck of the River of Stars   
hardcover......................1 gone copy
paperback...................18 17 copies
German (Der Fluss der Sterne).   ..3 copies
Spanish (El Naufragio de “El Rio de las Estrellas”)....1 copy
10  The January Dancer**   
hardcover....................25 24 copies
paperback...................15 12 copies
11  Up Jim River**   
paperback...................14 10 copies
12  In the Lion’s Mouth**   
hardcover...................11 9 copies
13  Captive Dreams (story collection)   
paperback..................20 15 copies

* = Firestar Series
** = Spiral Arm Series


  1. Meaning no offense to the great speckled bird, but I'd rather give YOU the cash for your books. I'd pay a great deal more than cover price if I knew that it was all going to the author.

    1. You're saving him the bookkeeping effort of registering it as income and then as a donation.

    2. What Mary said. The organs of the State take an interest in things like incomes and sales. I cannot stop you however from sending money to whomever you please.

      But why would it offend Gene Roddenberry?

  2. Any way of doing a paypal payment? I'm overseas, so checking is a pain in the posterior.

  3. Ah, I was hoping you might have some spare Summas lying around, Mr.Flynn.

    1. Summa is over. Autumn has begun.

    2. Not until September 22. Or are you on an SF calendar with different equinoctes?

    3. Perhaps he goes by the meterological calendar. Or perhaps by the Yankee rule that summer ends on Labor Day, as it began on Memorial Day.

  4. This is great. I am going to send you a donation this weekend. What does postage for 2 or 3 paperbacks cost to within the US roughly?

    1. The Post Office has single price "ship anywhere" boxes in various sizes. Not sure about the cost, but this might help:

  5. I sent a letter out today with a $20 check and a request for three paperbacks (the two short story collections and In the Country of the Blind). Based on the flat rate shipping rates, I think the $20 doesn't quite stretch far enough. If that is the case, please disregard the request for In the Country of the Blind. I am the guy who wrote you from Bayonne, NJ.

  6. In my haste and through a lapse of reading comprehension, I neglected to send pre-paid postage. In the interest of charity and not having letters cross like mail trucks on Route 78 in the night, please just apply the check for Church renovations. I will obtain the books through other means at this point. Your books and website are quite cool though. I eagerly anticipate the next publication.

  7. Hi there!
    Same problem as above. As I'm overseas, it's hard to make a donation apart from PayPal. Any chance of solving it so I can lay my dirty translating hands on a hard autographed (by a living author, wow!) copy of Captive Dreams?

  8. Do you still have a copy of Eifelheim in Polish available?

  9. In regards to The Forest of Time, what's the difference between the first and second editions?

  10. 1st ed.: Tor hardcover, trade paper. includes afterwards to each story.

    2nd ed.: Phoenix trade paper only. Includes three poems in addition and slightly reworked afterwards.

  11. Dear Mr. Flynn,

    I received my books last week and I am very grateful. I wish the best for your fundraising efforts for your church, and I think this is the coolest and most generous thing I have seen an author do with his own "wares" online.

    I can't wait to read the stories.

    Josh Wilson

    1. I can only hope you are as pleased after you have read them.

    2. I'm sure I will be. Like I said in my letter to you, Eifelheim is one of the finest books I have read in the genre. A real work of literary merit and beauty.

  12. Hello Mr. Flynn!

    I am interested in donating for some books, but I'd like them to arrive before Christmas. If I send a letter now, how long do you expect the turn around time would be?

    Thanks very much!

    Adam Burch

  13. I have three other requests pending, so I can move the Stuff that has blocked my way to the shelves as soon as I know which books you would want. So I figure a week plus whatever the gods of postage decree. So figure two weeks?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Perfect! My checks will be in the mail Monday. As I mention in the letter, I'm requesting a hardback copy of The January Dancer and a paperback copy of Up Jim River. Thanks again!

  14. Just figured out from the above comments why books weren't received for my $50 donation (no separate check for postage!) You'll be getting that check as soon as I determine the amount. Mary Ann G

    1. I had put it aside while trying to figure the books vs postage balance, but I lost track of it during some recent medical hoo-hah here at the castle. I sent it off today, along with a couple other recent orders.

  15. I realize I am some months late by now, but is this still ongoing?

    1. If you like; but they just announced that the church building would be abandoned except for special uses, so the collection of money to repair it has become moot. If you would like to simply donate the money to the church in exchange for some books, that would be fine.


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