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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Observation on the State of Modern Art

One of these was produced by a chimpanzee:
It has been said by John Lukacs that the quality of art can be judged by how difficult it is for a hack to imitate it. 

h/t James Chastek for the links to the art


  1. My vote is the top image is of the painting by the chimp.

    The bottom image is too structured.


  2. I vaguely recall modern art enthusiasts once *bragging* about a double-blind study in which art students preferred modern artists' work over children's and chimps' a whopping *two thirds* of the time. Pathetic.

    Or was that sympathetic? You do have to feel for visual artists in the post-photography age. Now that the mere real is more easily captured by kids with camera phones than by professional painters, apparently the only contributions remaining for the artist to make lie in the surreal... so isn't it tempting to give up on enhancing realistic images entirely and just focus on abstract composition?

  3. Modern art is dying or dead. Hurrah, hurrah! Just look at the ARC, for example --- Art Renewal Center. It's right there in the name!

  4. The second image (unlike the captcha) appears to have recognisable numbers and letters, so I'd vote for the first image being from a chimp...

    1. The scary thing is that many regard the top image as better.....


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