A beautifully told story with colorful characters out of epic tradition, a tight and complex plot, and solid pacing. -- Booklist, starred review of On the Razor's Edge

Great writing, vivid scenarios, and thoughtful commentary ... the stories will linger after the last page is turned. -- Publisher's Weekly, on Captive Dreams

Thursday, November 1, 2012


The gift that keeps on giving.  Apparently, it has been selling remarkably well in Japan, for I have just received a royalty check of more than a handful of dollars.


  1. Congrats!

    Speaking of your back catalog, I'm in the process of pruning my ~10k book library down to ~5k books, and am opening up boxes and sorting into "keep" and "Goodwill" piles. I came across "The Wreck of the River of Stars" - great book. I should re-read that at some pt.

    (Which is to say, yes, it went into the "keep" pile!)

    1. Ochone! Had only more people been of your opinion.

  2. Eifelheim is, if you don't mind me saying so, your best book. アイフェルハイムは大好きです。

  3. I found this blog linked to another site (Feser, perhaps?) and began to follow your RSS feed. After reading some interesting posts, I decided to buy one of your books and found that "Eifelheim" had great reviews on Amazon. I bought it and loved it! The subtext concerning the Traditional Latin Mass made it all the more enjoyable. Since I was then hooked, I decided to read "Captive Dreams" and loved that as well. As someone trained as a biomedical scientist (but with a love of medical ethics and philosophy), I enjoy the manner in which you challenge the reader's presuppositions. I'd have to say that the tenor of "Captive Dreams" paused me more than once to think of the short stories of Flannery O'Connor. I spent many an evening working out how I felt about my presuppositions. My problem now is what to read next?


    1. Thank you for your kind comments. I tried to be as accurate as possible in the background. Unlike the future, you cannot just make up the past! The 14th century actually predates the standardization of the Tridentine Mass. The calendar of saints was less standardized and local saints were typically on local calendars. Etc. But all of that had to vanish into the background.

      I am also pleased that you enjoyed CAPTIVE DREAMS. Some of those stories are nasty. I suppose I needn't explain who the "hopeful monsters" are.

      If you are looking for another book, self-interest compels me to blushingly mention a few of my own. You sound like someone who could appreciate The Wreck of "The River of Stars", a group which sales figures indicate to be small and select! Or perhaps the Spiral Arms series: The January Dancer, Up Jim River, In the Lion's Mouth, and the forthcoming On the Razor's Edge. A few people have said kind things about them.

      The earlier collection The Forest of Time overlaps "Melodies of the Heart" with the new collection, but otherwise is a separate set, a few more lighthearted than Captive Dreams. The Phoenix Pick/Arc Manor edition also contains three poems.

  4. _Eifelheim_ is by far the TOF book that I have most enjoyed. I would very much like to see something else in the same spirit. Maybe even a sequel, although I'm not sure how feasible that would be. --Patrick M.

  5. Well deserved!!

    I shied away from it at first since Medieval culture isn't on the top of my interests but thanks goodness I got around to reading it!

    Thought it deserved the Hugo that year.


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