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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On Adams World

Adam, the Littlest Grandchild, he of the invisible friend who died and became a zombie, is now in second grade.  Tonight he informed TOF that the Milky Way galaxy was going to collide with Andromeda.  When will this happen? asked TOF. 
In one-point-six billion years, he said.  Not point-five, mind you. 
The stars will not hit each other, he assured me.  But gravity will be messed up.  He performed a dance showing the upmixing of gravity, accompanied with sound effects.  Gravity, it seems, will go here and there and there.  Earth may wind up in a different solar system. 
I suppose that if he is thinking 1.6 billion years ahead it explains why he forgets what he is supposed to do tomorrow. 
+ + +
I have learned that Jupiter is a monster planet that can swallow the earth.  It's a killer planet.  It has a hot moon called Io and a cold moon; and a storm that never stops.    This kid is a fountainhead of knowledge. 


  1. Just don't ask him to spell the genitive of ‘Adam’. ;)

  2. And here all my two-and-a-half-year-old grandson can do is sing the song, "Easy Going Day" from the movie FOLLOW THAT BIRD in a definite Hari Krishna chant key.

    Shoot. What am I gonna do?

    Oh, and he can usually identify "Jupter", though he sometimes confuses it with the Sun (which would be understandable if he'd seen 2010: The Year We Make Contact...but he hasn't.)


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