Monday, November 25, 2013

A Horde of Ravening Fen

TOF notices that somewhere along the line he has acquired 103 "followers" who no doubt hang on his very words and await TOFian commands to go forth and smite, or something. It would have been more portentous, or at least more centennial, had it been noticed at exactly 100 followers. But TOF will honor the occasion by noting statistically that he now has 100±3σ followers.

Let's shoot for 125, shall we?


  1. I find that Followers usually want a firm hand of Iron-Fisted Discipline. That's why they are Followers. My general approach is to make use of So You Want to Be a Dark Lord: A Guide to Gathering a Mighty Legion of Terror, with Instructions on How to Surround Yourself with Lackeys, Lickspittles, and Groveling Toadies. It's the definitive handbook for all demagogues, tyrants, and swaggering tinhorn dictators with delusions of godhood.

  2. Calling Michael Flynn readers "fen" is a good way to move from 100±3σ to 100±2σ in short order!

    1. Nonsense! I'm sure he'll be swamped with new followers.

  3. Some of us follow in the dark...

  4. One can subscribe to TOF's RSS feed without "following," so the latter is a dubious measure.

  5. This is the social vision you should be striving for. Everything within the blog. Nothing outside the blog. Nothing against the blog.



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